Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me Monday

Not me Monday is a fantastically fun blog carnival started by McMama at see her blog here. Without further adieu, here are the things I did NOT do this week:

I did not drop my boppy pillow on the ground outside the car, realize it was quite dirty, and then turn the cover inside out to save myself from having to wash it. How unsanitary would that have been? I mean honestly, I do laundry every day, it couldn't have been that hard to wash the silly thing!

I did nto wake up in the middle of the night last night (after getting up with levi at 10, 11:30, and 12:45) wondering if I was in bed or in the rocking chair. I did not also wonder why Levi wasn't in my arms and where in the world he was. No, I'm never that confused (or sleep deprived)

I did not take a picture of my son with a (clean) diaper on his head because my husband said he looked "like a sultan". He was also not screaming at the time - how insensitive of me to take a picture of a screaming 5 week old baby.

I have not fallen apart competely, multiple times this week, when my boy refuses to stop his screaming - especially when we have guests around.

I have also not neglected to acknowledge the happy times we've had this past week - a few notable hours with a totally happy baby. Nope, I'm always positive and upbeat, making note of the happy things. Certainly I wouldn't choose to dwell on the crying times we've had; times quite different from these:

And last but not least I am not sitting here, praying that my (now 10.5 lb) little boy will drift off to sleep in his bouncy seat so I can stop holding his pacifier in and GO TO THE BATHROOM!


Anonymous said...

I feel (have felt your pain) I am not going to bother telling you it gets better (Yeah, you have heard that thousands of times) cause it doesn't get better. You move into teething, potty training, nightmares...the list goes on. Ah, but the loving snuggles do make it worth it! I'll just say, you will survive!
Loved your 1st "Not Me's"

Tina said...

He is adorable!! I love that you use cloth as well!! :-D

Anna said...

what a cutie pie! he's adorable. it gets easier...i promise. had someone told me that at 5 weeks i would have told them they were crazy. but 15 months later, it really is easier. i know you're doing a great job being a mommy! one day at a time. one screaming fit at a time. one feeding. one nap. one diaper change at a time. LOVE the cloth diapers by the way! totally impressed that you are using them at 5 weeks!!! have a WONDERFUL week!

Angie Vik said...

I remember those days well. It's hard when you're real tired and don't get to sleep for a long stretch of time. Hang in there. They do grow up. My youngest is 10. Now I stay up late my choice doing things on the computer. Your baby is very cute. God bless.

Erin McPhee said...

Wow, I am having dejavu reading your "I did not's" - but at least you still have a sense of humor! That is what will help you survive! My mom told me around this stage: "Erin, the first three months are hell. But don't worry - it will get better." And it will! Right now my boy is running circles around the living room playing with Buddy and I am sitting here reading your blog trying not to relive those first few months of hell ... :)