Friday, November 21, 2008

and I was the critical one...sheesh

So I have an apology to make.
To anyone with a blog, to anyone with a facebook status.
I have wrongly shamed you many times in my head for under-updating.
Many times have I disgraced your web-space for being devoid of anything new... in the past 24 hours.

I now find myself hardly enjoying the taste of a steaming plate of foot because my blog (which, I swear, feels like I updated only yesterday) has now been lonely, yearning for my attention, for two weeks. Yes, two weeks.
To all those whom I silently diminished for neglecting to keep me posted on every waking moment of their lives, I now understand how very very much I misunderstood this whole complicated blogging process.

You see, I really meant to post over a week ago. Really! but then I thought, it has to have pictures to be a good post right? and of course, there's nothing new on my camera (except a picture of my profile, which really hasn't changed significantly to anyone except me) My next excuse had something to do with not wanting to talk solely about our pregnancy... until I realized that just might be the most interesting thing going on in our lives right now. So alas, I'm left excuse-less. So sorry, so very sorry.

Jonathan and I have actually been doing some fun things this week. This is the first time in months (seriously) that I've seen 9:00pm, so we've taken advantage of it by roasting marshmallows under the oven broiler with fondue skewers, watching survivor (and if you didn't see last night's episode you MISSED OUT!) and visiting the Mill for tea and a chat.

Mom came last weekend and treated me to my first two pair of maternity pants. Wow, am I happy to give up buttons! No, I don't 'need' maternity clothes yet, but they sure are comfortable. We also got one of These which covers up my unbuttoned pants when I wear my normal sizes. What fun we had while she was here. I wish I had a good picture (and I'll get one later) but we also put up curtains in our living room; crimson curtains that look just lovely. I'm no good with decorating but Mom certainly has the touch!

I'll leave you with my dilemma for the next 6 months: Jonathan and I want to cloth diaper our baby (are we CRAZY or what?) but, in case you didn't know, there are about 10,000 different cloth diaper choices out there. Gone are the days of white folded diapers with pins, now they've got these things that look just like disposables with great velcro tabs. We've looked at BumGenius, Kushies, Fuzzi buns, gDiapers, and SO many more. So, if you or anyone you know has any cloth diapering suggestions, we're all ears.

Have a great weekend. I'll get better at this, I promise!
- Melissa


Aeja said...

So, my co-worker still wears her maternity pants because she swears that they are just soo comfortable. Her daughter is 2 1/2!

Krista Lynn said...

you should talk with Tricia Hansen about cloth diapers...that's what baby T wears!

Rachel said...

(clearing throat) I believe Linnea Ward is actually the source of most current diaper knowledge around Berean. And that's an accomplishment because these ladies know their diapers.

Also, we have friends who were going to change the world with gDiapers but then abandoned all hope after less than a month.

Rachel said...

But I'm sure Tricia would love to chat too! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Melissa, you missed your calling! You should have been a comedian. :) I"ve been laughing so hard over your blogs. Wish I could have gotten to know you better when you were here...
Congratulations on your imminent arrival! That's so exciting...Anyways, I used cloth diapers extensively for 9 mo with a nanny job. You're going to hate this, but I'd stock up on the old fashioned fold them and stick them in the velcro tab bun cover style. The Kushies and like styles, while insanely convenient I have to admit, have a weakness in that after a short time of use, the uric acid begins to get trapped in the layers of fabric. Eventually, it makes for a horrible smelling diaper even when just lightly wet. I got to where I couldn't stomach them anymore. At least the old fashioned kind smell great after washing and hanging on a line, and don't reek to high heaven with one little tinkle. That's been my experience. :) Hope that helps!