Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back home

Well, we're all done for now!
Surgery took just over an hour. The good doctor was happy with the initial results of his work. You can't tell in the picture because of all the swelling, but the eye is actually over corrected, and intentionally so. Over the next two weeks we'll be watching to see how her brain responds to the surgical alignment of her right eye, and we're prayerful it will end up delightfully straight.

Coming out of anesthesia was WAY easier this time than it was after her sedated exam in July. This time she woke up very slowly, already in my arms and nursing. She is very groggy, drugged, and sleepy. She will wake, but only temporarily before sucking herself back to sleep.

I cannot thank you enough for your prayers on our behalf. We're so grateful for friends and family who love our children, and intercede for them along with us.

We go back for post op on Monday morning, I'll try to update on Cora's recovery before then

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Anonymous said...

Even groggy, Cora is a cutie. So glad all went smoothly and now will pray for you all during the recovery process