Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was so nieve

It was back when I was pregnant with Levi, still working full time, that my then boss and I got caught up in a discussion about how his triplets (!!!) were being picky at the dinner table. They were five years old. They refused to eat anything green and also didn’t like potatoes. Any kind of potatoes. Even fries. I may have appeared understanding, but I was snickering on the inside. Surely, I thought, this was caused by soft parenting. Anyone whose anyone knows that if kids are only offered what the family is eating, eventually they’ll get hungry enough to eat what’s put in front of them and thereby conform to the family. I must have said something somewhat snarky because I clearly remember my boss telling me that, as a pregnant woman without any kids yet, I was the best parent I’d ever be.

Wow. Did he have me pegged or what?

This past week has been FULL of power struggles with my oldest cherub. I’ve been daily reminded that as humans, our sinfull hearts are evident even from a very tender young age. Discipline has been so difficult with Levi lately. What is right, what is wrong? How will he best learn? How can I give him the most accurate representation possible of how God loves us as HIS children? I must discipline him in love, and not anger, but MAN is that hard.

Oh, and he won’t eat anything I put in front of him at the dinner table.  Even fries.


Learning to Parent said...

If it makes you feel any better, the little boys rarely eat more than one or two bites of dinner. They either stuff their faces (like once a week or once every 2 weeks) or eat basically nothing. I don't know why, but we just let it be what it is. Oh well! And I am so glad I was never a know-it-all before I became a parent.... ;) ;) ;)

AngMomof3 said...

Been there. In fact, I'm still there. I remember being judgy before I'd actually experienced kids of choosing their own foods stages. Humbling, it is. Thankful that God teaches me every day.