Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have very little to say, but I am feeling the guilt that comes along with waiting FAR too long to blog. So, here are some phrases and words that should bring you up to date:

  • It's a girl - or at least it will be. No wait, it IS, and it WILL be, but she's still baking. We'll wait to name her until she arrives around the new year.
  • I'm still sick. Dang. Hoped morning sickness would find its end but alas, it continues, although in a much, much weaker form than it took on a few months ago.
  • We're switching to Sprint (but we haven't yet so if you can think of any really compelling reasons why we should stay with AT&T, please speak up) We've had the same plan for 8 years (maybe 9, actually) and it's time to make a few changes.
  • I'm wearing compression stockings. Don't know what those are hmm? consider yourself lucky. My two pregnancy bellies have placed themselves only (and I mean ONLY) directly in front of me, which puts extra pressure on the veins running down my legs, and thus, I find myself in compression stockings. I could explain further, but really, those are probably all the details you need.
  • I don't think my daughter and I will have the same affinity for chocolate. Poor girl. I haven't been able to stomach it for months (hopefully my mother-in-law will still call us family)
  • I battled the teensy kitchen ants - and won. Thank you Terro.
  • I set fire to our oven - Jonathan and his trusty fire extinguisher won. My pizza stone lost.
  • we may be re-roofing before winter. Not sure yet though.
  • We may be getting a new (to us) car. Not sure yet though. (no rush there)
There's a quick and messy update. I posted dozens of pictures from throughout our summer on my facebook page - pictures of the county fair, Levi's birthday party, our trip to the Omaha zoo, and many others that had been sitting on my camera for far too long- hope you have a moment to check them out. I've tried a few times to upload them here, but blogger is giving me grief over that and I suspect I need to update my version of Chrome before uploading them will be successful. We shall see.


Hilary said...

That's wonderful news!!! Your little girl will be about one year younger than mine. Cool. I also wore compression stockings while pregnant. It was tough, but i'm trusting it was worth it!!!

renaissancemom said...

Yay a little girl! Congratulations, she will be your little angel. That is so exciting for you guys. Hope Levi is taking to being a big brother well. Sorry about your fire and pizza stone. Incidently if you need another one keep me in mind, I am a Pampered Chef consultant. Good luck with your pictures!

Marian said...

A belated congratulations on finding out that you are having a girl! May God bless you and baby #2. Sorry to hear your are still feeling sick, hopefully it ends soon :-/

Julie said...
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