Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheeseball, ham, and strawberry jam

So lately, this is what I get when I say "Hey Levi, Smile for Mommy"


And this is what I got the other day when I told him he could pick out *one* "friend" to take to the grocery store with us. In his hands are "whitie", "bluie", and "Max". And he holds in his mouth a woefully empty packet of applesauce (or other fruit/veggie puree) given to him by his friend Sam's mom.

And this is what I made the other day when I discovered we were out of (husband's favorite) whipped cream cheese. I (wait for it) actually whipped some regular old (cheapo-pulled-out-of-my-freezer-from-when-it-went-on-sale-for-.49-per-block) cream cheese. Turns out, all they put in that little tub is regular cream cheese, with air. Go figure.

And then I added some of my strawberry jam.

Presto chango, strawberry cream cheese.

In other news, we did end up purchasing the video baby monitor I was talking about. I NEVER thought I would one one. Wait, let me re-phrase that. I told myself I would NEVER "waste" my money on something so obviously trivial and unnecessary. *blush*. If you can't hear me from wherever you happen to be, I'm singing a new tune now.

We went with this one, and also got a second camera for whenever we end up needing it. The system supports 4 total. In brief, I love the darn thing. It's not that I think Levi needs to be watched every sleeping moment, but it sure is nice (during naptime especially) to hear a bump above me and be able to look at the screen and see him roll over and drift back off. My only complaint is that the system interferes with our wireless router (which is, admittedly, coming up on 10 years old). I've managed to circumvent the issue, but eventually we may just need to upgrade our router.
Meanwhile, I'm drafting a well-earned thank-you note to my grandfather (photos included) without whose Birthday gift none of this would have been possible/prudent.


Kim said...

yea! you joined the video club!
Don't know how we went 1.5 years without it...
my mom said my dad thought it was ridiculous and that they did just fine with the vocal monitors. She then reminded him that HER parents said the same thing when they purchased a vocal monitor when I was a baby. Only they survived without ANY monitor.

Needless to say, we have not shown/mentioned the monitor to my grandma.

Chelsie Hardy said...

Nice! Someday I'll buy a video moniter....I think it's not prudent for us at this time, either. Doing OK with a vocal one, but if ever we live in a 2-story again, I think I'll invest. I definetly like the one my girlfriend has. Pretty sweet set up.

And, I LOVE your strawberry cream cheese!! I think I'll try that sometime. Nice to know you can make what you love for way cheaper. :)