Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confession: I'm a blogger on a budget

"no, really?" you say rhetorically.
yes, and so it may come as no surprise to you I'm finding it difficult to shell out dollar after dollar to write, print off, and send my traditionally hilarious and simultaneously informative Christmas Letter.

I neglected to write such a letter last year - thinking that a 6 month old and a fresh recovery from a terrific bout of post partum depression were excuse enough. But this year, well, I'm afraid my excuses have run out.

That, and my son is so dog gone adorable, I'd be crazy not to share him with the world. Thanks to our dear friend [and, ahem, professional photographer in the making] Marilena, we have oodles of fantastic photos to share...

and that's just a sneak peak - there are MANY more that she snapped when she was here at our place just as the leaves started to turn. The woman has MAD talent, let me tell you.

So as I was going back and fourth about whether or not to break the bank, I found this promotion Shutterfly was running, and it sealed the deal.

But I need your help. I'm terrible at making artistically sound decisions. As I've been looking through the (astronomical number of) card options Shutterfly has this year, I have to say this card jumped out at me (maybe because it has a giant "H" in the top left corner). I also really like this one. Way more understated, but sometimes simple is nice. But then there's this one and - I'm overwhelmed. Do you see one you like?

Then again, even if I do manage to settle on a card choice, I may have so much difficulty narrowing down my photo options I may just have to send out some of these...

When we did announcement photo cards after Levi was born we went with one (very similar to this) that had a lot of pictures above and below two understated lines of text, I loved it. Maybe because it was heavy on pictures and light on text - after all, when you have a son as cute as mine, nobody cares what the words say. I may as well send one of these of my son to everyone, forget the "here's what we did this year" business, and call it good.

Every year (we call it our "anniversary gift" to each other since our anniversary is on the 29th) Jonathan and I order a photo book from Shutterfly that chronicles the previous year. Why? well, in simple terms, I'm NO GOOD at scrapbooking. Their photo books are nothing short of awesome, and also quite simple to create. The two we currently own are treasured - to illustrate that further, I should point out they are stored on a very high shelf to keep little fingers FAR AWAY.

Oh, I know what your'e thinking now. And you're smart to consider it. "ok, so she's finagled free Christmas cards, but to send them she'll spend minimum $22 - and that's without purchasing envelopes." Fear not, friends, I have a plan. You see, I figure I'll be able to GIVE at least half of these to their intended recipients in person. I mean, seriously, we're already spending umpteen dollars to fly half way across the country where the vast majority of everybody we know lives. Why couldn't I just hand them out? So, that's the plan. Which leaves me with about $12 in stamps to buy. Not bad for such a venture, I say.

And you? How's your Christmas card coming along?


Julie said...

I would die laughing (in a nice way) if you gave everyone huge decals of Levi. That is funny. I got photo Christmas cards by See Here for 2.49 shipped (with envelopes). If you haven't ordered yours yet that might still be the best deal (I got 24). Stamps are expensive but most of mine I made (photo stamps)for 35 cents each, at least that sounds better than 44 cents. I don't know. Mine are already sent out and I just trimmed my card list this year to account for the only getting 24 cards. Shipping rates went up after 24 on the cards. Haha.

Julie said...

never mind, I see yours were free. I don't have a blog so I have to pay for stuff ;)

Learning to Parent said...

Personally, I like the "Happy Script" one is very Hnosko. But maybe that's just me! They all look good though. :)

Katie Beeman said...

I am in love with the first one - classy yet playful! I did a photo card last year and opted for hilarious photos of us rather than the traditional posed ones and people loved it! But I also don't have an adorable son like you so I guess that is different...Mine are mailed out and it took me FOREVER! I am all about Christmas cards because I don't see my extended family near enough so it is sort of my way of saying I love them and know where they are. I also write special messages in each once...hence the forever! I agree with you though, no matter which one you have the cutest little one to make the cards special!

Mamae do Nicholas said...

I like the first an dthe third one. Thank you so much for the compliments, but I have to hand it to the models, too... what a beaultiful happy family, you can't help but smile just by looking at your pictures. I guess that is the best part of this 'job' is to eternalize these moments for the people that you love. On the saving the postage note, I guess you better have this done or you will spend an international postage to send it to me in Canada!!!

Shelle and Dan said...

Whatever ones you decide on will be perfect. I started in September by taking advantage of all the free card offers I could find. I also made an awesome 12 x 12 photo book for my parents from Shutterfly. As a "thank you" Shutterfly sent me a promo for a free 8 x 8 album. If that's the size you guys make, I'll send you the promo code because I just don't think we'll use it.

Hilary said...

Whatever card you choose, it would be cool if you made sure to include at least one picture of your whole family...even though your son is cute enough to take all the picture slots, it's just really good to see your family unit together!

Melissa K. said...

Well Folks, number one won (admission: as my husband's favorite, it got double points). Shelle, I'd love to take that promo code off your hands for the 8x8 album, if you aren't going to use it!
- Melissa