Friday, September 3, 2010

there's so much going on right now

yeah, I thought long and hard about that title, can't you tell?

Levi is no longer taking a morning nap - partly by his choice, and partly by mine. You see, typically he won't even go down for one until 10am, which completely obliterates my chances for getting him to take an afternoon nap. So, I made the call. Unless he wakes up unreasonably early (read: before 6:30am), he will not nap until after 12. Closed book.

What that means for me though, is that I don't step away from my dear child until lunch time.
That morning nap WAS my blogging time, and now it is no more (which is my poor excuse for lack of blog posts, and TOTAL lack of pictures).

What else is going on - let's see. We're doing toddler team-up at the childrens' museum, that starts on Sept 30th. We're signed up for Titus Women at Lincoln Berean (Mums, similar to MOPS). We play at milkworks with our toddler and mommy friends on Monday mornings. We go play outside at all sorts of playgrounds, and we have play dates with other friends almost every day of the week. I can't say no to playdates, he just interacts so well with friends, and it tuckers him out, so they're a win for both of us.

Meanwhile, I've kept myself VERY busy during his ONE 90 minute nap each day. We've had a couple roof leak issues crop up (tiny drips, not big problems. One has to do with the sealant on an exhaust pipe that runs out from our water heater, the second we aren't even sure exists but I was SURE I heard a drip, drip, drip, while I was standing in the kitchen the other night) so I've been making phone calls here and there. We're also in the middle of a potential home-loan
refinance. Looks like we may be able to reduce our interest rate from 5.875% to around 4.25 (if the info I got today from Lincoln Federal was correct).

And because I'm simply not busy enough, I've been cooking meals for our church. As I think I've explained before, there are meetings of all sorts of groups at the church on any given week
(church employees, not like weddings and stuff). So, instead of paying MORE to have a meal catered, they asked if anyone in the congregation would like to cater for free. It's a sweet set up for me because I love to make big meals, and they pay for all the food. - I started out cooking for groups of 12. Then, apparently they liked what I did because I was asked to do a bi-monthly meeting for 30. Then, apparently they liked what I did because I was asked to do a quarterly meeting for 70.

Now, these should be no big deal for me, right? I mean, this is the woman who catered for 1400 with ease... but there are a few tiny differences. No staff to help. No restaurant appliances. No equipment. So, I visited our local restaurant supply store recently and (after drooling over all the pieces that I knew, loved, and wished I had in my very own possesion) walked away with a couple of very large salad bowls that should serve my purpose nicely. Next thursday's meal
includes meatball subs with melted provalone cheese, creamy pesto pasta salad, creamy sundried tomato pasta salad, fresh cut watermelon, and spring greens with cheese and croutons. Oh, and frosted oreo brownies, can't forget those. For seventy. Ok, NOW you can call me crazy. AND you can come watch my kid on Wednesday because the prep work for this gig is going to be taking my EVERY OUNCE of energy.

But underneath this guise, I really do LOVE the rush. I used to get paid for it after all.

I've also made a few improvements to our hallways - which were largely naked. No longer! I hung a photo collage (newborn, 3 mo., 6mo., 1 yr) that we were given by the photographer who photographed Levi throughout his first year, and also a shadow box I made of newborn-Levi memories.

And there is the sound of my waking child. Adios 90 minutes, how I loved you.

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